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Meet our cutest team member, Mercury! He is in charge in making sure we still take time for play and to enjoy our workday. You will find Mercury featured on our instagram and facebook page frequently.

Mercury is now 2 years old and he has come such a long way from being a crazy puppy. He comes on command, stops on command, and can even recall when chassing a deer. I’m so proud of him. He knows how to play fetch and loves catching the Frisbee. Still his favorite toy is a simple stick. His next favorite activity is running in the swamp and getting as gross as possible.

Right now his big learning curve is believing in himself that he can swim. He really wants to when he sees the bigger dogs swimming but is still hesitant. He’s done a couple of doggy paddles when the stick is just out of reach but nothing further. He has the best confidence with his life jacket on. We will keep working at it.