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About Precise

Quality Plumbing Renovations

Precise Plumbing & Heating is about providing Quality Plumbing Renovations for the homeowners of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of BC. By offering a unique full service package for plumbing renovations we can take care of the whole plumbing project, from demo to install. Including removing and reinstalling the same tile, if that’s what the customer wants. Our pride is in our ability to custom design every job with professionalism and attention to detail. We take the time to complete the customer’s vision from start to finish with experienced journeyman plumbers only.

Vision Philosophy

Our Vision Philosophy is to uphold integrity in business, prioritizing quality of work and an eye for detail. We exist to attract and maintain customers who value an honest tradesman. Our customers rely on us to keep up with new technology and offer the best products available. Integrity is to shine in all areas of business including the fair treatment of employees (including profit sharing and benefits). We believe in business thriving with ethics.

Owner-Operated Company

Precise Plumbing & Heating is a small owner operated company who values their customers and employees. That is is why we chose to do things a little bit differently.

  1. We hire experienced journeyman plumbers who are detail orientated and highly skilled to not only install plumbing fixtures, but also cut drywall, tile, cement and return the items back again. How do we get these amazing plumbers you ask? Well we pay top dollar, provide amazing family benefit plans and offer profit sharing.
  2. We value working with transparency and honesty; we never overbook our day, and always call as soon as our scheduled time will be interrupted by unexpected events.
  3. We pick quality over quantity. We will always recommend products that are known for lasting the longest. We believe in doing a job once the right way.
  4. We look for long term solutions to every issue. That means that for our customers we will always be looking for their best solution. Like when we find the reason why your drainage is always backing up is because tree roots in your front yard have warped your pipes (something that happens a lot). Not just keep returning to unclog the same pipe.
  5. Always a journeyman on site! We have a promise to always have an experienced journeyman on site so our customers can be assured they are being taken care of by the best. Many other companies send inexperienced apprentices for a job, being able to pay them less and charge the same hourly rate as a full journeyman plumber. We don’t leave our apprentices out in the dark like that; having to learn through mistakes. Or subject our customers to having to deal with repeat work from mistakes make. We’ve heard so many stories! Any apprentices we take on are under the wing of a journeyman plumber on every job. Serving our customers and our employees at the same time. Win-win-win.

The two who started it all

Alexis & Derek Nelson

Derek and Alexis both started their career paths early in life. Alexis was in Business Administration for 13 years and Derek was in Plumbing for 20 years before joining forces and starting Precise Plumbing & Heating Inc. When they teamed up together it was a smooth and successful start. They both believe that family comes first and dedicate their efforts to create a family culture within their company and with their clients.

Derek has a specialty in completing renovations with the residence remaining occupied, keeping the surrounding areas clean and free of debris. Managing projects of that scale requires a skill and attitude that Derek carries into every plumbing job big or small. Derek takes on his customers projects like they are on his own house, with extreme care. When Derek isn’t working or with his family, you will find him fishing, or talking about fishing, and gardening as well. Derek loves everything outdoors which is one of the reasons why he and Alexis moved the Sunshine Coast in 2019.

Alexis is our office manager ensuring our clients receive the upmost care in all their requests. She is dedicated to implementing systems in the company to make daily business operations run smooth and loves knowing everyone’s needs are taken care of. She is our point of contact for our employees when they need assistance in any area of their life. She has set our company up with amazing group benefits and reminds our employees that self care is their first priority in life. Without taking care of the self first, you can’t take care of anyone else. Alexis promotes a positive work life balance. When not working, you will find Alexis hiking in the forest with Mercury, staring off into nature, enjoying time with family and friends, swimming in the summer and skiing in the winter.

*Birth Announcement: Alexis gave birth to a daughter in 2020. She is a beautiful blessing who brings new light and joy to each day.

Team Members

Natasha Ogigbah

Natasha is our superstar in the office. She is the first point of contact for scheduling and invoicing. She loves taking care of our customers and ensuring they get prompt

Ryan Martin

Ryan is a journeyman plumber who had the role of Foreman for 5 years before joining Precise. Ryan has a specialty in completing re-pipe renovations with the residence remaining occupied,

Dan McCormick

Dan is a highly skilled journeyman plumber with a specialty of completing custom and challenging jobs. He is our service specialist. Dan has a natural creative ability to offer solutions

Team Mascot


Meet our cutest team member, Mercury! He is in charge in making sure we still take time for play and to enjoy our workday. You will find Mercury featured on our instagram and facebook page frequently. Mercury is now 2 years old and he has come such a long way